Sunday 21 August 2016

What are the different data sources used in Spotfire to create data visualization?

Visualization can be made up from different kind of data sources in Spotfire tool. which include below list of data source:

Data from clipboard
• Text Files
• Excel Files
• SAS Files
• Database
• Nielsen Answers
• Information Link

There are different way to load data into the Spotfire analysis. User can add data tables using file menu, Add data tables and Add On-Demand Data Table. We can add more than one data table in Spotfire analysis.

How to login in Spotfire visualization development user interface?

As soon as you installed Spotfire application then open Spotfire (show login dialog) .exe file from your system. Then you will see login dialog box as shown in below snap. Provide your username, password and server information and click on login button. As soon as you logged in, Spotfire will let you access the library and other collaboration feature which depend on your access privilege to spotfire library.

Monday 15 August 2016

Quick glance at Spotfire project development user interface!!!

Spotfire is made up of four main parts which are as below:

• Text Areas
• Filters
• Details-on-Demand 

Refer below snap which shows main parts of Spotfire user interface:

Sunday 14 August 2016

How to create first data visualization project in Spotfire ?

Spotfire is a robust data visualization tool which provide meaningful data analysis quickly. It's drag and drop functionality make it very user friendly to create variety of chart and analysis. There are few things which are very useful before import data table to spotfire. These tips will be so useful to develop your spotfire project precisely as mentioned below:

• Perform data cleansing and aggregation before importing data table to spotfire
• Adequate data modeling is necessary to create desired visualizations
• Make sure that raw data table having enough data and adequate fields to generate charts 
• Set fields datatype as necessary  
• if required, Perform data transformation while importing data table

How Spotfire Work ?
Given below snap shot demonstrate the working process of Spotfire project generation:

Process flow to create Spotfire visualization project !!!

As we know every data visualization project consist of few step which need to follow during it's preparation. Likewise, To develop Spotfire data visualization project below steps need to be followed before it publish to end users.

Given below are steps which need to be follow to develop Spotfire data visualization project:

• Export raw data from various data source and perform data cleansing and data modeling
• Identify and create best chart for the analysis in the Visualization 
• Adjust chart properties for each visualization
• Limit dataset for each chart using different filtering techniques like filter, data limiting expression, list and tags
• Save visualization once it finished
• Publish final visualization on Web Player for end users

Key feature of Tibco Spotfire Business intelligence tool!!!

Spotfire tool is one the best data visualization application for BI reportings. which has various reporting features which make data interpretation and visualization simple. it takes very less time to design and publish complex dashboard with large amount of data which make spotfire very popular in reporting industry.