Sunday 14 August 2016

Key feature of Tibco Spotfire Business intelligence tool!!!

Spotfire tool is one the best data visualization application for BI reportings. which has various reporting features which make data interpretation and visualization simple. it takes very less time to design and publish complex dashboard with large amount of data which make spotfire very popular in reporting industry.

Spotfire is enrich with best in front end visualizations, which consist of below list of visualization:

• Cross Tables

• Graphical Tables
• Bar Charts• Line Charts
• Combination Charts
• Pie Charts
• Scatter Plots
• 3D Scatter Plots
• Map Charts
• Heat Maps

• Parallel Coordinate Plots
• Summary Tables
• Box Plots 

Every tool is equipped with it's unique capability and feature which make it popular. Likewise, Spotfire is enriched with below feature which made tool very popular in complex data visualization creation in less effort and time.

• Spotfire lets you access, analyze and create dynamic reports
• Can create Interactive Dashboard, Guided Analysis and Reporting Application 
• Data can be access from any place and database
• Used to Filter, Limit and create clear & concise visualization from business data
• Predictive Analysis
• Share result on Web Player
• Reports can be quickly turned into instant presentation to show to business

In addition, there are few more feature which also very helpful to generate report quickly and  precisely which are enlisted as follow:

• Calculated column and expression

• Automation using Iron Python and Java Script
• Data Transformation Tools
• Dashboard Collaboration
• Big Data handling

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